lifepo4 Batteries for Solar
lifepo4 Batteries for Solar

With the lifepo4 battery price increasing every day, it is in your best interest you understand how you can prolong their life span. In the present world where everyone is skewed towards the usage of renewable energy, lifepo4 batteries for solar are becoming more useful. Although LiFePO4 Battery Pack longevity is much more centered on lithium ions chemistry, there are several other battery care deeds you can employ to prolonging your battery’s life. Do the following, and you will have all the reasons to smile.  

  • Avoid Storing Your Batteries for Solar Under Hot Temperatures

If you care for your lifepo4 batteries for solar never store them under high temperatures while fully changed. Always strive to store them at room temperature; that is 25-30 degrees Celsius. High temperatures cause ion stress which causes faster than normal degrading rate.  

  • Never Allow Your Lifepo4 Batteries for Solar to Discharge Completely

Always be keen on charging lifepo4 batteries with solar. Lifepo4 batteries last longer if they are not used until the last voltage. It is advisable to charge these batteries more often. Such is because, once the depth of discharge (DOD) falls below 40%, lifepo4 batteries have no charge memory that allows normal recharging. Thus, charging lifepo4 batteries with solar often to ensure a prolonged life span is the way to go. Never allows deep lifepo4 battery discharge as that will be the beginning of its inefficiency.

  • Keep Your Lifepo4 Batteries for Solar off Moisture

Water (moisture) and lithium are two substances that react easily. When lithium ions and water react, lithium hydroxide plus hydrogen gas are formed. Additionally, hydrogen gas produced is very flammable which brings a danger zone. Meaning, if by any mistake a lifepo4 battery 12v 100ah explodes; use a class D fire extinguisher and avoid pouring water on it. But for safety reasons, keep these batteries free from moisture.

lifepo4 Batteries for Solar
  • Avoid Charging Lifepo4 Batteries for Solar using the wrong voltage

Even though you are after the fast-changing rate, a voltage controller is always necessary. Using high voltage charger than one specified by lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers will only shorten your batteries life span. Remember, all lithium type batteries are made to fast charge. Meaning, the use of a high lifepo4 battery charger than specified will bring more harm than good. For example, if you are using a 22.2v lifepo4 battery, then a 24v lifepo4 battery charger will do you better. Always stick within the accepted voltage limit.

  • It Should Be Stored While at 40% Charge

In most cases, people complain that their backup lifepo4 Batteries for Solar never seem to serve as that they used to initially. What many do not know, they make a mistake while charging lifepo4 batteries with solar to full charge and then store them. The point is; if a lifepo4 battery is meant to be stored or be kept for back up reason, their storage voltage should range between 40-50%. When a lithium-ion battery is stored while fully charged, the rate at which those ions get oxidized is very high. Meaning, your batteries life will be reducing day after another.

lifepo4 Batteries for Solar


Lifepo4 Batteries for Solar have been of great help in the current economy. Unfortunately, their prices have been above averages if you compare them to nickel manganese cobalt battery. Thus, you need to take care of these batteries to help them see their useful days to completion. Following the hints above will ensure you get the best service from lifepo4 batteries.


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