Pallet Truck

You know you need a pallet truck but can’t decide which one is better suited for your business? The fact that there is a wide selection of pallet trucks featuring various characteristics and performances makes the process of selection even more challenging.

So, the question is what to consider first and what last. We are here to help you decide exactly that. By the time you are done reading this, you will be able to find a reputable pallet truck with scale manufacturer

#1 Consider the size of your warehouse/premises

If it is a small business served by a small warehouse, there is no need to spend big on an electric palette truck. A manual palette truck operated by anyone employee will suffice. On the other hand, if your warehouse/premises are spread over a huge area, you should go for the electric version.

There is no point bothering some poor soul to toggle heavy loads across a huge area. That will be very strenuous to the operator and very unproductive. 

#2 Consider the average load

The bigger the palette truck, the more load it can carry. But at the same time, the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be. So, figure out the average load and choose your next palette truck accordingly. Choose the one that can carry a little bit more than the average carry load.

#3 Consider whether you need a scale on your palette truck or not

Some palette truckers come with a built-in scale which is often very convenient as you can see how much load you are carrying and lifting. Plus you will know when to stop loading the palette truck when the weight reaches its caring limit. 

#4 Consider maintenance costs

An electric pallet truck is convenient in many ways. But all that comes at a certain price which is usually a big part of the maintenance cost. The thing is that all that electronics can sometimes stop working and unless you are covered by warranty, you will need to call a repair service. On the other hand, manual pallet trucks are way less demanding in this department. Typically they can work for years without repair or significant maintenance. Even when there is regular maintenance, that doesn’t cost too much. 

#5 Consider your operators

In this regard, workers always prefer working with electric pallet trucks as they don’t get too strenuous. Far from the effort, they need to produce to operate a manual pallet truck. 

#6 Consider the environment

Compared to gas and diesel forklifts, both manual and electric pallet trucks are more environmentally friendly. 

#7 Consider the size of the fork

This is because of the size of the pallets. EURO pallets are 80 X 120 cm, whereas the UK pallet size is 100 X 120 cm. For EURO sized pallets, the width across the forks needs to be 54 cm, whereas, for the UK pallets, it needs to be 68 cm. Nowadays, many forks are 115 cm which fits both types of pallets. Then there are adjustable forks that can also accommodate all types of pallets. 


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