Drainage Pipes

If you’re looking forward to changing your pipe materials for different reasons. There are a lot of options for you in the drainage pipe market. So if you’re wondering what best pipe materials for your sewers or drainage will be, here are so you should look into.

Iron Pipe

Iron pipes have been used for years in different municipalities as they can last as long as 100 years. These pipes are the best for carrying drinking water but not the best option for wastewater transportation. The good thing about these pipes is that they are resistant due to the hardness of iron so they are free from collapsing under pressure from heavyweight or root intrusion.

These pipes are extremely durable due to the hardness of the iron and if well managed can last a lifetime. However, they can be costly to install and prone to corrosion.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipes have a lot more strength compared to plain iron. It is also a very popular material when it comes to water system pipes which deal with high pressures frequently. Steel pipes have basically the same strengths and weaknesses as that of iron. They can also be affected by acidic materials just like iron, however at a slower pace. It is also a little more expensive than an iron option but also a lot more durable as well.

Concrete Pipe

Concrete pipes are also a very popular option for municipalities and they are certain formulations of concrete before they can be used for sewage or water uses. However, it can be a little challenging working with these pipes such as the installation which has to be done carefully in order to be done right. However, if they are installed properly, they can last as long as decades. Since it is concrete, it can be degraded by acids and chemicals.

Drainage Pipes

Compared to another form of pipe known as clay pipes, these pipes have a higher breaking point and last a long time. They can last longer save chemical exposures. They require careful installations as errors can lead to a lesser life span of these pipes and they are extremely heavy, needing more labor in order to be installed. In order to combat acidic compounds, the use of plastic coating may be adopted.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Pipe

High-density polyethylene also known as HDPE is a good material used to make pipes more than a lot of options out there. The HDPE is becoming a lot more popular for installations due to so many reasons such as corrosion resistance, flexibility and of course, it’s durability.

These pipes are resistant to collapse and can stay intact in situations of earthquakes. They come in various sizes and lengths.

Spiral Corrugated Metal Pipes

These are great options for pipe installation in municipalities as they last longer and can be used to transfer water or sewage from one place to another. The corrugated steel pipes can be gotten in China amongst other places.

These corrugated metal pipes are a durable and safer option for you.


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