If you’ve ever stared at your TV, computer, or mobile phone and wondered how you were getting all that picture quality, then you are in for a shocker. It is magic! No, no, I mean it. It is the magic of an LCD display. 

While the majority of us already know this, it will interest you to know that the liquid crystal display (LCD) in many mobile devices is a variant known as the Thin-Film Transistor display. It is the secret behind all that crystal clear picture quality that makes it easy to navigate around the device. (check some types from )

How it Works 

Now you know what TFT display is, you should also know that these screens make use of pixels arranged in rows and columns and then attached to a transistor on which your screen rests on. This makes it possible for each pixel to save their changes even when not in play, as long as there is electric current (which is the charge in your phone battery). 

Any Safety Concerns

As with every other piece of engineering, you should be concerned about how using LCD or TFT displays could impact your life. For starters, liquid crystals are not known to be carcinogenic or have any adverse health effects on humans. But they do leave their biological imprints on the environment due to their manufacturing process. They pose a potential risk to aquatic animals, especially when these toxic materials end up in the sea. 


How can I maintain my LCD or TFT Display? 

No matter the type of device, so long it comes with a display screen, you want to handle it with care. While you don’t have to bath and feed it every other day, you will have to follow up on some of these maintenance tips to keep it in the best condition. 

Clean your Screen 

Part of LCD or TFT display maintenance involves cleaning the glass regularly. It is common for dirt and stains from everyday use to get in contact with your phone screen. While it may not have any effect on the operating system of your device, it can significantly affect visibility. To make sure you always enjoy a perfect-picture quality, you would have to wipe your screen with a soft cloth or tissue. You can check here to find how it is done.

You should avoid using a cleaning agent on your phone or scratching the surface with a sharp object in a bid to get rid of tough stains. Instead, you should dip your tissue in water and remove the excess water and use it to wipe your screen. Once the dirt is out, you can now use a dry one to even things out. 

Avoid High Impact on your Screen 

Another way your LCD or TFT display screen can get damaged is if it is subjected to high impact. And this could happen if you accidentally drop your mobile phone or any other device that features these types of screens. You should also avoid keeping your phones in your pocket or sitting on it. This can scratch the surface of your screen or, worse, cause the glass to break. 


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