The preparation of floors and surfaces for further modifications or repair could be either challenging or easy. It all boils down to what form of machinery you use to carry out your assignment. JIEHE machinery and cement planers have made a reputable name in the construction industry.

They are known famously as road cutting machine manufacturers. There are various forms of machinery useful in cement repair or modification. There could be cracks to fix or sidewalk modifications. Such jobs require specific amounts of controlled “damage”. Cement planers or concrete planers tend to offer this controlled “damage” you might need.

The cement scarifiers or cement planers are the perfect types of machinery for any form of cement work aimed at modifying an already existing cement structure.

How do Cement Planers Work?

The work as a result of a repetitive hitting or punching action of the cement planer. This is “punching” is done by the flails or cutting wheels. The cutting wheels are further attached to a shaft; which is detachable. This shaft can be attached to removable drums. So to change the shaft or the punching wheels, you need to first detach the removable drums.

This means that some models of the cement planers can do more work as the models can accommodate larger rotating cutting wheels. As long as the cutting wheels can fit into the shaft, then you have no problem. The larger removable drums are used for large scale projects. These projects could be the repair of long stretches of roads or floors (asphalt or concrete).

Note that while their primary function is for use in repair and modification of roads and floors, they also have essential secondary functions. As a result of the way the concrete planers work, they could be used for secondary functions such as removing contaminants, fixing road unevenness, removing epoxy paints or coatings, and many more.

Models of Cement Planers

There are various models of cement planers. The most used models of the cement planers are mostly all walk behind concrete planers. These concrete planers which are being supplied by JIEHE include:

  • 400mm/ 16
  • 450mm/ 18
  • 600mm/ 24
  • 700mm/ 28
  • 900mm/ 35

As you can see from the list above, the sizes all differ. The more large scale or challenging the work you plan to do, the lower you need to go on the list.

Benefits of Cement Planers by JIEHE

  1. The walk-behind cement planers by JIEHE are all wired to reduce labor costs as much as possible. So you will not spend unnecessary funds making repairs or frequently carrying out undue maintenance exercise that should only be periodic.
  2. The walk-behind road planers have a pretty decent rate of job completion. The walk-behind cement planers by JIEHE Machinery has faster and better completion rates compared to others.
  3. Last but not least, there is an increase in the efficiency of cement planers manufactured by JIEHE Machines.


If you are looking to purchase any construction item, then you need to try JIEHE machinery. Not just because this article says so, but you equally have customer reviews dating back about twenty years to motivate you. with a high rate of customer satisfaction, you can be sure you are getting your money` worth.


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