Vibratory finishing is also referred to as mass finishing. It is an industrial and mechanical process used to deburr, polish, and then degrease massively produced parts. On the other hand, mass finishing is the process of utilizing components in media and compound, particularly in treated water within a vibratory machine. Usually, the device vibrates, causing the contents to shift into a particular direction as the media grinds against the parts. Vibratory bowl surface finishing equipment becomes handy in such instances. This blog post will offer extensive insight into vibratory bowl surface finishing equipment.

Types of machines

A vibratory bowl, specifically from high-end companies such as Inova Tech Machinery, is your ideal choice for surface finishing. They are mostly preferred for small or medium size surface parts. Let us dive into the various machines available:

a. Uses VB(B) type machine

This machine has a wall design that comes with an opening. It is most suitable for significant parts that need to undergo deburring, cleaning, de-rusting, and polishing.

b. VB(A) vibratory machine for deburring

Its features include curved walls that give enough room to ensure fragile and delicate pieces get handled in the most gentle way. The fundamental purpose is to minimize the impingement of the parts subjected to finishing.

c. TVA(A) tub vibratory machine

The finishing machine is designed to provide ideal conditions for the larger size parts plus additional polishing parts.

d. TVB(B) tub vibratory machine

This finishing machine has a unique feature: a straight wall that makes it suitable for items like tiles, sandstone aging, and granite stone finishing.

A vibratory wheel finishing machine

Technically, this machine is used to carry out critical industrial processes such as polishing of wheel, cleaning, restoration, and refurbishing.

Spiral-tub vibratory machine

A spiral tub machine entails a compact design type with continuous flow, which is well-meant for deburring and quality finishing for small metal parts.

Ideal Size Parts for the equipment

Vibratory bowl surface finishing equipment is suitable mostly for small or medium parts surface finishing.

However, it is interesting to note that the vibratory finishing process is not only used for minimal parts, but also very large workpieces. Therefore, whether a surface part has a simple or very complex geometry, the stated equipment is still ideal in any case.

Understanding the benefits of Vibratory Bowl Surface Equipment

Numerous benefits come along with finishing with the stated equipment. Here is the rundown:

  • The chamber can comfortably hold a thousand parts.
  • In contrast with the centrifugal disc finishing machine, vibratory bowl surface equipment can allow gentle movement force, which is significantly crucial in increasing a surface’s smoothness.
  • They have versatile options available.
  • Vibratory finishing bowl provides precision finishing for large industrial applications.
  • They give room for inspecting parts while the process is ongoing.
  • Parts uniformity can be achieved in the batch process.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has provided enough information to help you make an informed decision. Vibratory processes include the pre-installation of machines. This takes time and effort. Experts in the industry work hard to limit the costs. This is usually accomplished by perfecting the innovative vibratory finish of the machine range that makes the end-result more productive.


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