There are a lot of activities that take place from the manufacturing of goods until the reception of the goods to the hands of the final consumer. One of these processes includes warehousing. This is a very vital channel as far as the movement of goods is concerned. Many companies have therefore found this gap in the market and have invested in it. You are a manufacturer in china or a buyer from China, SFC is the best China warehouse service, provider. You need your products to be handled professionally and logistics work made easier for you, You already have a solution.

1. Appropriate inventory management.

Storing products in the warehouse is not the end of the road. These products need to be monitored every day and any updates should be detailed and shared with the parties involved. SFC has made this service easier for its customers by using a warehouse management system. These systems can be accessed by the customers through their dashboards and can monitor their products in and out of the warehouse. This will give you a choice to determine either to replenish your inventory in the warehouse right at the comfort of your seat. This service has made SFC more reliable and customers preference.

2. Organised and efficient warehouse reception.

SFC china warehouse is always ready to receive inventories from its esteemed customers. The only obligation you have as their customer is only to fill in an advanced shipping notice (ASN). Once you are ready to ship the inventory from your Chinese supplier to the SFC china warehouse, The automated system informs you about the type, size and other features of the product. This will make SFC professionals ready to receive your inventories.

3. Inventory labelling and inspection

 You do not need to worry about the safety of your stored products. Upon reception of the inventories to the SFC warehouse, The SFC team will inspect each product determining each quality and quantity. This sorting reduces the storage costs, customs clearance among other expenses. Each product is allocated a barcode where each is given a separate tracking number. Products requiring specialised storage are also accommodated and handled with their professional requirements. This will avoid errors in storage and packing.

4. Security and efficiency of SFC China warehouse.

Storing your products in SFC china is one of the best choices you will make. This is because the SFC china warehouse is always under 24/7 surveillance. This is an assurance that your products will well secure. The products will be secured from harsh conditions, congestion because the SFC warehouse has conducive features to ensure suitable storage conditions. SFC has a wide ground cover and possibilities for expansion therefore you will never lack storage for your products.

5. Safe and Fast Delivery

SFC warehouse does the swiftest delivery system. Your products will reach your customers at the right time and in the right form. Products that need specialised attention are also shipped with their specified requirements. SFC offers 24hrs delivery across the world. It partners with high-class international airlines and courier services to ensure that the needs of its customers are met.


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