Are you in search of an experienced, creative, and innovative PCB assembly service? UET is the company to look into because its leadership stance and exceptional results have set them above others. From aerospace, mechanical, automotive to telecommunication UET provides comprehensive solutions to every client. Whether they are rigid structures or flexible fabrication, this versatile service has you covered.

Why choose UET PCB assembly:

Electronic assembly and its precision are not an easy task which requires effective techniques. UET has a full-on effective manufacturing mechanism to form a fast pace assembly. This achieves a shorter time need and which is why they deliver 24 hours quotes to any turnkey PCB assembly order. Another reason to go for their service is that clients don’t need to contact various other vendors to get individual pieces of the end product. They deliver the fabrication from start to finish, which includes the components. Customers can bring in their prototypes or ideas before building a refined product step by step to perfection.

Affordable quality service:

How do they deliver such high-quality articles, one may ask? Their setup consists of six superior automated lines with special equipment and an array of qualified experts. Their whole process flows in harmony and accuracy as they assemble circuits. The fast-paced service comes with quality like none other!

Another factor that has always worked to attract potential customers is its cost-effective solutions. It would be hard to find lower financial quotes that embed such quality components. Also, by contacting and working with a single distributor, clients are able to save extra.

Testing and manufacturing capabilities:

They have numerous PCB assembly experience that reflects in their projects. The turnkey service is their specialty with a fast turnout that includes selecting and finalizing the components, making the actual assembly, and test it. Some of their capabilities are:

  • Automated Optical Inspection to check if any of the components are missing
  • X-ray testing with the QFN PCBs and their consequences.
  • In-Circuit Test is essential to check any minor fault and openings in the circuit, such as resistance to make it work effortlessly.
  • They follow the regulations set by IPC-A-610 Class 2 rigorously.
  • A visual inspection is always done to check the working of the circuit and cross-check its overall quality.
  • FAI to inspect the initial samples soldering before moving on to the next phase
  • They also test the functionality of the PCB and see if it’s working to their expectation.

Sourcing of the components:

Most vendors depend on customers to bring or check the components but not UET. They make sure to help and source out potential choices that work best for the prototype and circuit. Their whole process revolves around an oiled sound chain that reviews and selects components keeping their purpose intact. Moreover, overall, they do not contribute to overspending and hidden expenses on the material.

No matter what type or kind of PCB you have in mind or in progress, UET is here to help. They have delivered premium PCB assembly countless times through their experience and passion.


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