3D printing Is the production of a three-dimensional object with the aid of a digital model or CAD model. It refers to the process whereby materials are binded using computer assistance to design a three-dimensional object. The materials used for the production are fixed layer by layer. Over the years, it has been very useful to those requesting a quote in their various fields of endeavor.

Uses of 3D Printing

1. Educational Use

This printing technology has been found to be very useful in the field of education. It is employed in the manufacturing of 3D printers, high-quality scientific equipment. 3D printing is also used to produce good instructional materials.

2. It Is Used In The Health Sector

This type of printing is used to produce personalized equipment that are applied in various surgical operations. It is also used to manufacture orthopedic implants and bioabsorbable trachial splint.

3. It Is Used In Food Industry

Most food industries produce their goods by crushing food, step by step, into three-dimensional items. Such food industries that rely on 3D printing are chocolate producers, pizza, cracksrs pasta and candy producers and many others.

4. It Is Used In The Fashion Industry

3D printing is also applied in the production of some models in the world of fashion. When such models are created they are registered under the intellectual property rights.

5. It is also used in the production of cultural artifacts

Three-dimensional printing is used to produce cultural artifacts which are stored for reference purposes in the museum.

6. It Is Used In The Transportation Industry

3D printing is used to produce prototype of some automobile parts. This is possible due to the application of computer aided technology.

Advantages of Using 3D Printing

1. It Is Easy To Acesss

These printers are very easy to use and access. Although it requires skill and expertise for Its use, it can be accessed by anyone.

2. It Is Composed Of Durable parts

3D printers are usually made of very lightweight and durable parts that are capable of serving efficiently for longer periods.

3. It Reduces Wastage

3D printing are designed in such a way that they do not waste materials. They usually work materials to the fullest. This reduces cost and increases productivity.

4. It Produces Flexible Designs

These printing machines produce flexible designs that are very nice and appealing.

5. They Are Affordable

They are not usually expensive but come in affordable prices, thefore anyone who wishes to own one can go ahead to purchase it.

6. They Are Not Hazardous To The Envoronment

Unlike most machines that release dangerous gases or particles to the environment, these 3D printers are not of that nature.


3D printing has gained recognision in various sectors of human endearvour. They produce very accurate and precise designs. With the above listed uses and benefits, it is now obvious that 3D printing can be applied in various sectors to produce prototypes.


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