Gold is one of the world’s most valued metal. It occurs naturally in its solid-state. Due to its unique qualities, gold has a wide variety of uses. Gold can be repurposed but to do this it has to be melted and molded into the desired form. Gold melting is the process of liquefying solid gold bypassing the gold through heat.

Gold melting can be done on a small scale using a mini gold melting furnace. When melting gold, the more impurities present the lower the melting point will be.

In this article, we’ll look at why gold is melted, why it is valuable, and the different uses of gold.

Why is melted Gold?

Gold is a soft metal that is widely distributed on the earth’s crust. It appears in different forms: dust, grains, flakes, and nuggets. Gold is a transition metal that is a good conductor of heat. Gold has a normal melting point 1064.43Celcius (1337.5801K). This melting point reduces in the presence of impurity.

Gold repurposing is the primary reason why gold is melted. It is important to know that gold pieces of jewelry aren’t made up of pure gold. Gold is too soft so gold alloys are used to increase its strength and make gold jewelry. The amount of gold present in a gold alloy is measured in karats, pure gold is 24 karats.

Gold is melted by passing it through the heat of about 1064.43 Celsius. This can be done using a gold melting furnace and external heat or using a gold melting machine. Depending on the quantity of gold and what the intended finish product is, gold can be done on a large or small scale. Goldsmiths make use of this process. Also, this is the first process in gold smelting.

Why is Gold Valuable?

We all know that gold is a cherished metal, but why?

What are the intricate properties of gold that makes it worth fortunes?

And what is the difference between gold and other metals?

If you also have these questions or similar ones, here is your answer:

Gold can’t be oxidized by atmospheric air so it is corrosion-resistant. What this means is that gold doesn’t tarnish with time, no matter how long gold is kept, no matter the storage pattern adopted, gold will always retain its quality. This is why it has a high market value and a wide range of uses.

Uses of gold

Gold has a wide variety of uses because of its innate non-oxidizing property. Here are some of its uses,


This is the most popularly known use of gold. Gold jewelry can be passed from one generation to the next because it doesn’t tarnish.


Electronic devices with gold are more durable than their counterparts. Gold can be used in switches, relay connections, soldering joints, and many other devices. Also, given that gold is a metal and it conducts electricity, it doesn’t affect the devices it is used to make.


Gold has a broad application in the medical field;

  1. Gold alloys are used for filling teeth
  2. Gold implants are used as weights in a person suffering from lagophthalmos ( inability of the eyelids to close completely)
  3. Gold is also used for cancer therapy

Monetary value and coinage

Due to how valuable gold is it can be used for exchange in place of cash. It is also the internationally approved metal used in making coins.


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