Why You Need an Anti Static Foam

Static electricity is very useful. In fact, photocopier machines and laser printers wouldn’t work without it.

But, if it’s that important, why do you need an anti static foam?

In itself, static energy is not harmful. However, if large amounts of static electricity build up, and discharges suddenly, dangerous sparks are formed. If the sparks set off anywhere near flammables, you’ll be staring at an explosion.

Anti Static Foam
Anti Static Foam

If you’re shipping electronic products, the buildup and sudden discharge of static electricity may mean the complete destruction of the product. How then do you make sure this doesn’t happen?

Using an antistatic foam prevents the generation of charges when the foam rubs against itself. However, it will gladly pass the cost away thus avoiding any possibility of a buildup.

Since the foam doesn’t provide its shielding, you’ll need to place it on a shielding bag. If you expose the foam to environmental conditions, it has a shelf life. As such, most shipping companies prefer to use the foam as a previous product.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the benefits of using antistatic foams and how they work. Let us have a look with the guidance of ESD Goods.

  1. Helps Protect Sensitive Electronics during Shipment

If you have concerns for the goods you are shipping or storing, you understand why you need appropriate packaging. Well, if you don’t, the chances of your buyer opening the box to find a damaged product is high.

Rectifying this mess may end up being the cost to the seller and buyer regarding time and money wastage. Having this foam will ensure the shipment gets to the buyer safely and in its original condition.

  1. Helps Minimize the Risks of Damage

If you’re worried on how to store your delicate materials, the antistatic foam is the way to go. With static charges all over the place, it’s quite simple to get any delicate material destroyed.

Remember, simple things like friction are enough to generate a buildup of static charges. Walking on a carpet can also produce enough costs to shock you when you get to the door.

These omnipresent static charges mean the risks of damage to your electronics is perpetual. With the materials, time and money needed to make these delicate materials, a single charge can run the damage to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Anti Static Foam
Anti Static Foam
  1. Ability to Customize the Foam to Your Needs

If you’re shipping a TV set, mobile phone or other items of different shape and size, don’t worry. You can easily customize the foam to meet your needs.

You can also place your order for singles or in bulk. If purchasing in bulk, you may organize with the manufacturer to cut the foam in a way that fits your specific needs.

You can comfortably use these foams to pack lighter and small goods like wiring components, motherboard, or any other individual component of your machine.

  1. Durability

The foams are made from polythene-a structural rigid and denser compound- making it more durable.

As such, you can comfortably use the item in your computer towers, or in your sound equipment. Just make sure that your needs are met at all times.



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