The use of USB cables for charging has increased exponentially with the increase of smartphones all over that world. Many, people put much-needed emphasis on the battery size and life of a device. However, as it’s just a storage power outlets device, as much attention should be taken when choosing a cable device. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to go about selecting a USB cable. Below is a guide that allows you to know when it’s time to consider making an appointment with a Chinese USB cable manufacturers for cable replacement.

Slow connection 

The most significant tale sign that lets you know it’s time to replace your USB cable is when it takes forever to connect. Occasional slowness is a sign that your cable is starting to tear down and developing a break. However, if the sluggishness is prolonged and comes by frequently and has become irritable, this suggests that your cable is damaged and it’s about to stop functioning altogether.

Inconsistent performance

Overall due to the natural flaws that manufacturing have; different USB cables will have a variance in the performance spectrum. This is usually within a very narrow range that is seldom noticed. What’s more, some connection in regards to the device may play a part in the performance of the cable. However, a good cable will allow and provide consistent performance throughout. If you have to bend the wire in a particular way to work and reestablish the connection, then it is broken.

Losing connection 

From time to time, you might have realized that your USB cable is acting out and losing its connection. This can be due to an incorrect connection on your part. It might also be a bad connection on the device. However, if you have been on the lookout for all the signs and still your device is losing connection then it might be your cable is tearing apart. If the connection is lost after a while, this might mean that it’s broken and irreplaceable.

Charge only 

 Most cables allow you to transfer data to and from devices. This allows you to watch and receive high-quality video and sounds seamlessly. However, when a USB cable is damaged, this aspect is limited. Sometimes it can be recognized without an option to advance or share any data. When the damage is irreversible, it reaches a point where it is not acknowledged by your device and hence the need to replace your cable.

USB cables
USB cables


To ensure that your USB cables are in good working condition, proper care is imperative. This means taking measures to slow down the natural wear and tear process. In all, always remember that you don’t have to wait until it fails you completely in order to replace. Be in the lookout for tale signs and ensure you can stay connected throughout.  Overall when considering the manufacturer that you want to buy from, ensure that you choose one who is affordable and can deliver high-quality cables for you.  In all ensure that they are professional and have a track record of delivering on time.


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