4. Shot Blasting (2)

Shot blasting is a typical process used in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Any instance the industry makes use of metal parts, you will realize that there are chances of incorporating shot-blasting for things to work. And manufactured metal parts are usually not ready for usage, especially if they are straight from the mold. That is why they need a viable coat of painting and a touch of welding.

However, before it all takes place, it is evident that the metal surface should be cleaned. And that is why in this article, we must look at the materials used for shot blasting. Also, what is a shot blast system? Let us begin, shall we?

Shot blasting has a way of preparing metal parts for extensive processing, such as powder coating, as we discussed earlier. But, it is a risky endeavor that needs to be observed with great care. The step is especially important in ensuring that the coating vividly adheres to different parts. So shot blasting is a cleaning procedure that helps to remove toxic chemicals from metals too. That said, the process entails the use of several materials. 

Here are the top best.

Steel Shots – a steel shot refers to a metallic abrasive usually produced by molten steel. The process of production entails atomizing different chemicals therein. Most metalworking sectors on the market use this material in achieving excellent results. They could be ferrous as well as non-ferrous, or better yet steel mills and coatings at the same time. The whole idea of combining a mold of steel with a rigid mold is that a magnetic field to be formed. This is typically going to be an attractive process over the coming years of shot blasting methods and evolution.

What Are The Functions Performed By Steel Shots?

There are primary functions performed by this incredible steel shot blasting.

They include:

  • The removal of different surface contaminants
  • It enhances the descaling of the surface
  • Aiding in the inspection process of various defects
  • Enhancing surface preparation where the surface acquires a decent pattern coupled with a matte finish
  • Cleaning of the surface

Other than the functions which are pretty much useful to the development of the blasting business, there are advantages appended to using steel shots. Let us outline them in the next paragraph.

  • Steel shots offer incredible results particularly on the surface of the metal
  • Steel shots are pretty much affordable
  • They are reliable too
  • With steel shots, it becomes easy to remove all elements of dirt and impurities from the metal
  • You should achieve a clean metal surface with steel shots

Garnet Steel Shot- the garner steel shot is durable and sturdy. Therefore, it is highly resistant to harsh materials and other compounds. You will also realize that it is the ideal material used in repairing pipelines as well as other building materials. The ideal part of the abrasive is the fact that you can easily recycle it about five times.


There are different shot blasting materials in the industry. You need to select an ideal one for the blasting you have in mind. In this blog post, we have highlighted the best blasting materials you can weigh in on. Happy shopping!


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