Many people are now enjoying the opportunity of being able to smelt alloy, copper, and gold in the comfort of their homes. However, even as smelting small amounts of the precious metal has become possible with smaller induction melting furnace, a lot of mystery remains on how to choose it. Pricing, size, and the number of metals that can be smelted are given the top priority. Nonetheless, so much more is to be considered if you are to choose the best induction furnace to invest in. Below are some other features to consider.

  • Production Rates

When considering which kind of induction melting furnace to invest in, it’s wise to deliberate on your intended goal. A higher and faster induction heating rate allows aluminium, copper, iron, and gold to be smelted at increased speeds If your target is smelting a large amount of metal in a day, then consider purchasing an induction furnace that provides a faster rate of production.

  • The Induction Furnace Oxidation

In the past, a lot of oxidation occurred during the induction furnace process. The oxidation caused the release of fumes that were poisonous to the personnel operating the system. Oxidation also caused a decrease in the efficiency of smelting hence dragged the process for a bit longer. Technological advancement has made smelting possible with very little oxidation occurring. When trying to save on operation cost and provide a higher yield, consider investing in a furnace that provides reduced oxidation of metals.

induction furnace
  • Control System

To reduce cases of accidents and the smelting of precious metals, consider the ease of use of the control system. Often modern day furnaces are quick to operate as they are electric. However, when considering a means of operation, focus on how exactly you will move the precious molten metal after the process. Fortunately, a tilting feature is added to larger furnaces. Even though this will attract a higher induction melting furnace price, it’s well worth it

  • Heat Production Method

If you intended to use your furnace in non-industrial areas without fear its best to consider the method used for producing heat. Steer clear of machines that produce a byproduct when smelting. Instead, opt for a clean method of production of heat. A clean method means that harmful pollutants, smoke, dust that harm you and your employees are eliminated.

induction furnace
  • noise levels

Finally, consider the noise levels emitted by the induction melting furnace. Ideally, most second-hand induction furnaces are usually on sale because of some unfixable issues that are associated with smelting and noise. However, this is not to mean the market has no noisy machines. When investing, ensure you ask and consider the noise levels of smelting to ensure you can smelt precious metals without emission of unnecessary noises.


As a bonus, consider purchasing an induction furnace with refractory. Ideally, the smaller the furnace, the fewer the amounts of refractory it will need. This means that investing in a small furnace that is as efficient as possible. Overall, seriously considering the above induction furnace characteristics will allow you to invest in an induction melting furnace that suits your needs.


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