fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine

When it comes to running of a laser machine, especially the fiber laser engraver of Heat Sign certain elements have to be considered to ensure proper use. The dangers of ignoring the safety code cannot be overemphasized as wrong laser use can be rendered unstable. Even as avoidance of running the laser power over a long period is the most highlighted rule, this does not mean it’s the only important safety guideline to consider. Below are some other fiber laser marking machine safety guideline to keep in mind.

  • Taken Care When Dealing With Focus Beam Of a Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The laser beam is a concentrated source of heated light. The heat is the operating principle of the fiber laser marking machine that heats metals and plastic to the melting point to allow structural change. As the heat is extremely high, avoid touching the light beam when operating the laser marking light pen.

  • Delicately Operate The Fiber Laser Marking Machine Laser Source

The fiber laser source is the core of a laser marking machine. For this reason, you must move carefully to avoid improper mobile crusher. Whether it’s the 30w fiber laser engraver or the 20w, 50w or, proper care must be taken when dealing with the laser source. Since the force per square inch is exceptionally high, the need to avoid mobile crusher is imperative. As expected, not doing so will not only lead to product destruction, but it can cause severe injuries to you or your personnel.

  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine During A Fault

Though the tech incorporated in laser engraver assures its durability, at the end of the day this is just a machine that can get faulty. Be keen on conducting periodic inspections on the machines. As you get used to how this machine works, you will easily recognize its correct operation. A deviation from common operation should pave the way for Laser engraving troubleshooting opportunities. When a fault is found, the operation of the machine should seize immediately to avoid casualties.

fiber laser marking machine
  • Countercheck The Water Cycle Of The Fiber Laser Marking Machine Before Operation

Specific guidelines are used when engraving some aspects like banners, clothing, electronics or dinnerware. However, even with such diverse products, the underlying operating system is very similar and needs you to introduce some aspects at a specific time. As the water cycle feature helps in cooling down the laser temperature aspect, you cannot make the mistake of starting the nameplate engraving machine at the wrong time.

  • Adjust The Current Before Shutting Off The Fiber Laser Marking Machine

A high current is needed to operate a laser marking device. This is because it’s the high current that is converted to a heat source by the machine. However, when engraving metals, plastic or wood, various currents are required for specific temperatures to be achieved. Nonetheless, even as it’s imperative to provide high current during operation when readying to turn off the mark, adjust the current to about 5A to allow a proper and easier shutdown.

  • Beware Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine Software Compromise

Whether it’s a desktop or a handheld metal engraving machine, the software used should be compatible. Unless you are using the MOPA machine engraver, not every software is compatible with a fiber laser heat sign engraver. Take cautious steps to ensure that the working area operating format is updated for the delivery of quality work.

fiber laser marking machine
  • Avoidance Of Placing The Fiber Laser Marking Machine  In Reflective Places

It is a known fact that the laser beam can be reflected. For this reason, it is vital to avoid placing highly reflective objects in the machine. During reflection, the beam can be directional; hence an unforeseeable loss can occur. This includes damage in the form of machine breakdown, reflection to dangerous flammable elements or reflection to personnel who will suffer burns.

  • Ensure Optimum Fiber Laser Marking Machine Lens Care

When using any laser marking machinery, especially the portable metal laser engraver is well taken care of to prevent clogging due to excessive waste on the port. As excessive waste can lead to scratching of the lens, remove the machine surrounding any waste timing. What’s more, as a laser discharge ignition or a short circuit may occur due to rust, its best to avoid the use of rusty sheets.

  • Supply A Stable Voltage When Using The Fiber Laser Marking Machine Lens Care

A daily maintenance tip that you should be keen on is the supply of stable power voltage. As a certain amount of voltage is needed to operate a specific laser marking machine, improper supply can lead to damage. Even though lower voltage will fail to start and run the machine, a higher voltage can lead to overload in the system. To avoid damage of any kind, use a regulator to supply a steady voltage.

  1. Ensure No External Interference Of The Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Finally, clean the outside and inside of the laser machine. As dust and rust particle will accumulate after some time, ensure you clear the fiber laser engraver from time to time. What’s more, ensure that you clean the water tank and replace the water with deionized water. As the environment can influence the machine functionality, especially the portable metal laser engraver, it’s imperative to keep it clear. This means removing any pollutant, strong electric influence, magnetic influence or any other factors to enhance optimum function.


Overall, the best way you can enhance the safety and use of a laser engraver machine is to ensure only trained personnel operates your fiber laser marking machine. As the technology of the fiber laser engraver of Heat Sign is complex, you do not want untrained personnel dissembling your machine. Doing so allows you to avoid accidents and extend the useful life of your machine.  


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