The act of inhaling a vapor formed by battery-powered devices such as electronic cigarettes, among others, is referred to as vaping. However, there are various vaping facts that most individuals are not aware of, but instead believe in numerous myths. Therefore, many facts about electronic cigarettes will be discussed in this article to keep you informed.

  • Vaping is safer compared to traditional cigarettes

Comparatively, vaping has lesser safety and health risks than conventional cigarettes. There are numerous health risk hazards associated with conventional smoking. However, e-cigarettes also have battery explosion issues among other safety and health concerns. Generally, there is no safest e-cig brand, but some have higher risks than others.

  • Vaping is cheaper than smoking

Although vaping might seem expensive due to the relatively high capital required to buy the necessary equipment, it is less expensive than traditional smoking. After purchasing the needed equipment, they will serve you longer than the conventional cigarettes would have, thus making them cheaper. Therefore, the long term effects of vaping are more affordable, thus making vaping to be more economical.

  • E-cigarettes don’t help you to quit smoking

One of the greatest myths about vaping is that it enables you to quit smoking. The information is not correct since e-cigs also contain some addictive chemicals. However, the chemicals in question are in smaller amounts while in electronic cigarettes than they are contained in traditional cigarettes. Conversely, you need the right attitude and motivation for you to quit smoking.

  • Nicotine might affect brain functioning and development in young individuals

Another lousy fact about vaping is that it negatively affects the development and operation of the brain in teenagers and kids. The vapor inhaled contains nicotine which slows down brain development rate. Consequently, it becomes harder for the affected individuals to concentrate and learn. Additionally, some of the changes in question are permanent and might the individual further later in life.

  • E-cigarettes contains nicotine which can be addictive when used frequently

Most individuals regularly ask, “Is vaping addictive?” In response, the cigarettes in question contain nicotine, which increases the addiction risk, regardless of the technique used to deliver it. Additionally, frequent use of nicotine leads to the consumption of other products of nicotine such as alcohol and smoked cigarettes among other drugs.

  • Vaping is not suitable for your health

There are various vaping dangers because nicotine is one of the main components contained in it. Consequently, due to a toxic substance found in nicotine, they may lead to raise blood pressure and spike the adrenaline, which increases the likelihood of a heart attack. Therefore, vaping increases the health risk in your body.

In conclusion,

Indisputably, every individual needs to get facts about electronic cigarettes to avoid being misled by myths. Also, with real facts, one can make an informed decision. Some of the most significant facts are such as vaping is not good for your health, it’s addictive, it affects brain development and functioning, and it does not help you quit smoking. However, other facts are that vaping is economical and safer compared to regular smoking.  


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