Baccarat precious stone’s beginnings pre-nineteenth century; nevertheless, it was in the middle of the 1800’s when the organization prolonged its offerings past France to eventually end up specifically known for producing virtually everything from high-quality aroma containers and barware to making paperweights.

Baccarat signified its precious stone pieces for confirmation of recognizable proof; still, its imprints and techniques of stamping have varied across the years. In some cases, the organization carves its name into the precious stone, while the first pieces may just have a big letter “B” and the date of creation of the product.

So, to identify a Baccarat Crystal Chandelier when you see one; what you have to do is:

  • Search for the Logo

Various pieces of Baccarat precious stone are usually set apart with a logo that also signifies the name of the organization. In the 1920s, numerous pieces were stamped with a logo in addition with the words “Baccarat” and “France.” It is possible to find the logo on the base of their product or on a paper mark somewhere on the piece. The laser carvings that are done now don’t have the whole logo; instead, they have the Baccarat name.

  • Analyzing Patterns

Baccarat gemstones usually have a pattern name that is quite difficult to just ignore if you don’t have the initial packaging which the gem came in. What you have to do is to look for a site with pictures of precious stones until you get a match or sample that is quite similar to the one you have. Once you’re 100% sure that you have the accurate pattern name, enter the pattern name into a web search tool so you can have more picture. The more you check for pictures and the more significant the details spotted, the more convinced you are that you have the correct pattern name.

  • Contact the Company

If you are still not entirely convinced that you have a Baccarat product, the client benefit section of the organization should be able to help or even decide the originality of the product. Scan the online list of the organization for a picture like your chandelier piece for verification of its name. You can also approach a salesman or saleslady in a Baccarat retail shop as they could also have profound knowledge to give you more information about the item you purchased; in this case, you may have to go to the shop with your Baccarat crystal chandelier.

  • If Everything Else Fails

In a situation whereby you want to satisfy your curiosity hoping to get answers to your questions concerning the originality of your Baccarat chandelier, take it to a Baccarat retailer, if the piece is truly present; you can as well take it to an antique store that specifies in fine collectibles and precious stones.

The workers in either store may have some knowledge gained from observing various precious items to enable them to be sure whether it is real or not. You can as well resort to precious stone books with so many pictures; they can help you with the verification of your newly bought Baccarat crystal chandelier.



















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