Gravure is one of the most cost-effective and easiest printing methods in the past few decades and it still continues to be one of the best in the printing press industry. You will have to stick here to find out more about the printing method and, most importantly, the gravure cylinder, which forms most of what the process is.

This article will tell you all that you need to know about the gravure cylinder and how it functions in gravure and the entire process. So allow it to take you through this Journey. It promises to be very enlightening.

What is a gravure cylinder?

The gravure cylinders are exactly what makes the impressions you see on paper after the gravure process has been completed. The cylinder doesn’t do more than just roll from one end to the other. However, during this rotation period, a lot happens, and we are going to look into it next.

How does the gravure cylinder work?

As mentioned earlier, the gravure cylinder doesn’t do more than just from one end to the other; however, during this period, it is influenced by several other parts of the gravure machine. To start, the gravure cylinder rotates around a paper that has been placed on it and between it and an impression roll.

Under the cylinder is ink that the cylinder picks up to paste on the paper when it rolls up again but before it can get the ink up to this point, it first encounters the doctor blade that removes excess ink from its surface to prevent it from smudging or smearing ink all over the paper.

This process is repeated throughout the printing process without any special effort from the printing personnel. This is another reason why the gravure printing process is a lot more acceptable and preferred to any other method that requires too much manual effort.

On the gravure cylinder are marked cells that pick up the ink. The cylinders are chemical-etched with the photo that the printer has preset. When the cylinder picks up the ink, it is smeared over the cells, which will then be pasted on the paper. The impression roll rolls over the cylinder to bring out a fresh new paper-surface for the pasting to continue.

Understanding how the gravure cylinder works is everything you need to know about how the entire gravure machine works. The benefits of the gravure printing cylinder in the gravure machine cannot be overemphasized. Without it, nothing at all can be done with the machine.

Also, the advantages of using the gravure printing method are limitless. Some of them include ease of use, high-quality production, versatility–ink and working process–, productivity, and more. If you haven’t already started using gravure, you might want to jump into it right away.


The gravure cylinder is an amazing and integral part of the gravure printing machine. It does the majority of the work in the process but it hardly does much, making it an easy to use printing tool.


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