Are you worried about the shape of your end product? Do you have a mental picture or an idea of the shape of the product that you need to fulfil your services? You need an expert who will be able to solve your moulding services. You need a prototype mold for the short run to be able to achieve your short-run production. 3ERP is the best mould making service for you in China and across the world. All you need is to give them the design and they will be able to solve your moulding problems effectively.

Let us look briefly at the basic or general moulding processes.

DFM stage

This is the first step that your product will go through. In this stage after you confirm your mould order, the 3ERP will start to prepare the part lines, gate positions through the analysis of the parts according to your order description.

Analysis of the mode and mould flow

This is a stage where 3ERP will predict the outcome of how the molten substance will behave when it enters the mould. This is done by predicting software. This is a very great stage as it allows predicting the outcome and enables you to make changes or improvements to your design. It saves costs as you will know what to do at an earlier stage before incurring more in the production process.

CNC Machining and EDM

In this stage, the first mould is made using high-quality machining equipment. This is done using the materials that you have chosen, it could be steel, aluminium, plastic among others. 3ERP will provide moulding services for whichever material you bring to them.

T1 sample

This is what shows the expectation of the final product. Through this will give you the choice either to proceed with the production or make further improvements.

Improvements stage

Did T1 make sense? Did it impress? Did it bring out the real expectation intended? These and many variations will be considered to be able to come up with the best design ever. Any changes and improvements that need to be made to the design will be determined at this point.

Real production

After the changes have been made, and the design has been valued good to go, real production begins and is made ready for the customer in due time.

This is a very simple and swift process that takes few hours to complete. Order your design production services today and start your dream production designs. 3ERP is your best Moulding service provider; contact them for these services for the following reasons;

You will get a fast DFM report. 3ERP will give you a fast DFM on any errors that they notice on the design that may affect the manufacturing in the long run

There is the production of a large range of moulds. In this case, you do not need to divide the project, you can just send the project to them and they will see how best they will handle the designs for you.


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